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340B Health represents public and private nonprofit hospitals and health systems that participate in the 340B drug discount program.

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Poll: 8 in 10 Americans Say Rx Drugs Cost Too Much

September 29, 2016—Nearly eight in 10 Americans (77 percent) think prescription drugs cost too much, the latest Kaiser Family Foundation tracking poll finds. The KKF poll adds to the growing body of evidence that Americans are fed up with drug company profiteering. The 340B drug discount program lowers drug prices for hospitals that care for large numbers of vulnerable patients as well as for small hospitals in rural America. Hospitals use the money they save to help patients pay for their drugs or to give drugs away free to the neediest. They also use 340B savings to serve more patients and improve their quality of care, just as Congress intended. Drug manufacturers are trying to quash the 340B program.[ms-protect-content id="2799"] According to the Kaiser poll, more than half of Americans (55 percent) take one or more prescription medicines. Those in worse health or taking four or more drugs are more likely to report difficulty affording their medicines. Among those currently on prescription medications, a larger...
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Drugmakers to Multiple Sclerosis Group: Shut Up About Prices, or Else

September 28, 2016—The New York Times published a shocking article this morning about how drug companies tried to strong-arm a patient-advocacy group to keep quiet about obscenely high drug prices. As we've noted before, stories like these raise questions about what's motivating some disease-awareness groups to bad-mouth the 340B drug discount program. [ms-protect-content id="2799"] In today's Times article,...
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