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340B Health represents public and private nonprofit hospitals and health systems that participate in the 340B drug discount program.

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Poll: Americans Blame Drugmakers Most for High Healthcare Costs

September 23, 2016—Seventy percent of Americans think drug companies bear most of the blame for the high cost of healthcare, with health insurance companies coming in second (60 percent), a new survey shows. Forty three percent are very or somewhat worried about being unable to pay their medical bills in the coming year, with 31 percent citing out-of-pocket costs such as co-pays and deductibles as their top concern....
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House Republicans and Democrats Rip Mylan for Price Gouging

September 22, 2016—Republicans and Democrats on the House Oversight Committee yesterday ripped Mylan chief executive Heather Bresch during a hearing about the outrageously high price of Mylan's EpiPen anaphylaxis rescue injectors....
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