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Impact Profiles

See how hospitals use 340B savings to help vulnerable patients. Read more.

340B Program Helps Hospitals Provide Services to Vulnerable Patients: Results from a Survey of 340B Health Members

The program funds free and reduced-price medications for the needy – and much more. From neighborhood clinics to medication management services and even patient transportation to hospitals, 340B savings improve the health of underserved Americans every day. Read the report.

HRSA's Proposed Omnibus Guidance Would Jeopardize 340B Hospitals: Results from a Survey of 340B Health Members

The Health Resources and Services Administration’s 2015 proposed guidance on the 340B Drug Pricing Program may have intended to cut through previous confusion in the administration of the program, but a survey of 340B Hospitals indicates the proposed guidance would cause significant harm to hospitals that rely on 340B to provide critical care in their communities. Read the report.

Analysis of Medicare Drug Spending and Demographics at 340B DSH Hospitals and Non-34OB Providers

340B Health commissioned the research firm Dobson DaVanzo & Associates to conduct an analysis of providers in the Medicare Part B drug market to examine Part B drug use and spending patterns and demographics. Read more.

Analysis of 340B DSH Hospital Services Delivered to Vulnerable Patient Populations

340B Health commissioned the research firm Dobson DaVanzo & Associates to conduct an analysis of hospitals to determine the extent to which disproportionate share (DSH) hospitals participating in the 340B drug discount program are targeting their services to vulnerable patient populations. Read more.

Case Studies from the Field: How 340B Impacts the Community

Hospitals throughout the country are able to maintain and enhance health care services critical to our most vulnerable patient populations thanks to their participation in the 340B drug discount program. 340B Health is proud to share case studies from the field which demonstrate how safety-net hospitals are expanding and improving care for their indigent patients through 340B savings. Read more.

Faces of 340B

340B is more than a drug purchasing program. It’s a life saver for vulnerable uninsured and underinsured patients. Read more.

Videos: Why 340B matters

Watch as hospital providers from across the country explain how access to 340B drug discounts enables their institutions to fulfill their safety-net mission. Watch the videos.


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