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Why 340B Matters

340B DSH Hospital Safety Net Role

An analysis of disproportionate share (DSH) hospitals shows that 340B DSH hospitals have low-income patient loads that are more than twice as large as non-340B DSH hospitals, and 340B DSH hospitals provide nearly twice as much uncompensated care as non-340B DSH hospitals. When 340B DSH hospitals are grouped into quartiles by size based on patient costs, 340B hospitals across the board provide significant levels of uncompensated care. Click here to see results of the analysis.

Case Studies from the Field: How 340B Impacts the Community

Hospitals throughout the country are able to maintain and enhance health care services critical to our most vulnerable patient populations thanks to their participation in the 340B drug discount program. 340B Health is proud to share case studies from the field which demonstrate how safety-net hospitals are expanding and improving care for their indigent patients through 340B savings. Please click the links below to see a few examples:

For further information on how 340B participating hospitals utilize 340B savings, please read the report below:

Faces of 340B

340B is more than a drug purchasing program. It’s a life saver for vulnerable uninsured and underinsured patients.

Videos: Why 340B matters

Watch as hospital providers from across the country explain how access to 340B drug discounts enables their institutions to fulfill their safety net mission.


The 340B Drug Discount Program

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