340B Health

Claudia Escue

Research and Policy Analytics Manager

Phone: 202-552-5865
E-Mail: claudia.escue@340bhealth.org

Claudia Escue is the Research and Policy Analytics Manager for 340B Health, a nonprofit organization of more than 1,500 hospitals and health systems participating in the federal 340B drug pricing program.

Claudia Escue is the Research and Policy Analytics Manager at 340B Health. She conducts quantitative and qualitative research in support of 340B. 

Ms. Escue has an extensive background in anthropological research. As a graduate student at the College of William & Mary, she conducted independent market research in Rūrutu, in the Austral Islands of French Polynesia, using interviews and cultural observation. She also contributed significantly as a graduate research assistant at the Oceania Archaeology Lab, where she managed a project on sustainable shellfish harvesting, and oversaw data collection for a project on natural resource use for pre-contact Tahitian canoe manufacturing.

Prior to her graduate studies, Ms. Escue worked as a field technician for Logan Simpson Design and SWCA Environmental Consultants, focusing on archaeological projects and cultural conservation. She documented, analyzed, and interpreted cultural data, conducted fieldwork, and contributed to data analytics, report writing, and legal compliance.

Ms. Escue holds a Master of Arts in Anthropology from the College of William & Mary. Her master's thesis involved geospatial analysis of traditional taro farming in Rūrutu, French Polynesia. She also earned a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, summa cum laude, from the University of Colorado – Boulder, with a minor in Technology, Arts, and Media.

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