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Part 1: What is 340B?
Wednesday, September 20
2:00-2:30 PM ET

Part 2: Diversion, Duplicate Discount, and HRSA 340B Audits
Wednesday, September 27
2:00-2:30 PM ET

Part 3: Inventory Management
Wednesday, October 4
2:00-2:30 PM ET

Part 4: Billing and Reimbursement
Wednesday, October 11
2:00-2:30 PM ET

Part 5: Contract Pharmacy
Wednesday, October 18
2:00-2:30 PM ET

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OVERVIEW: The 340B community is growing. Are you or one of your colleagues new to 340B? How do you introduce key 340B concepts to someone new to the program? 340B impacts a hospital’s operations in various ways, and it is important to develop a basic 340B foundation.

340B Health developed a five-part webinar series to support the learning efforts of people who are new to 340B and looking to learn or want to brush up on some of the key facts. Please join us to learn more about the 340B program. Though this series is an introductory curriculum, we encourage 340B experts to join as well to see how these resources can support onboarding and educational processes within your organization. 

- More About the Modules -

Part 1: What is 340B?
We begin the series with an exploration of the history and intent of the 340B program, how it works, hospital eligibility requirements, key stakeholders, advocacy, and the role of 340B Health and the benefits of membership.

Part 2: Diversion, Duplicate Discounts, and HRSA 340B Audits
In the second module we focus on two major program rules, the prohibitions against diversion and duplicate discounts, and discuss the government’s auditing and oversight processes.

Part 3: Inventory Management
Building on the concepts we established in our second module, we dive further into 340B requirements and logistical considerations that influence how 340B hospitals manage their 340B and non-340B drug inventories and processes for purchasing.

Part 4: Billing and Reimbursement
The fourth module focuses on the different billing and reimbursement policies that apply to Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial claims for 340B drugs, including claim identification rules and situations in which payers and other key stakeholders limit use of 340B.

Part 5: Contract Pharmacy
Our final module provides an overview of a sweeping development that has imposed immense financial harm and operational burdens on the 340B community for the last three plus years: drug manufacturer refusals to offer 340B pricing for drugs dispensed at contract pharmacies. We share survey data on the growing treats to patient care, the status of litigation, and critical advocacy efforts.

Amanda Sellers Smith, Legal Counsel, 340B Health
Gilda Yeboah, Senior Manager, Pharmacy Services, 340B Health
Rebecca Swartz, Senior Manager, Policy and Compliance, 340B Health
Nicole Lococo, Policy and Education Coordinator, 340B Health

INTENDED AUDIENCE: 340B hospitals and 340B Health Corporate Partners

REGISTRATION: The event is limited to 340B hospitals and corporate partners, and pre-registration is required. To register, please click the “REGISTER NOW!” button above.

Please Note: Registration is for the full series.

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For questions regarding registration for this webinar, please contact Elise Kim at elise.kim@340bhealth.org or (202) 536-2291.

MORE INFORMATION AND MEMBERSHIP: For more details about this event, please contact Shane Kelley at shane.kelley@340bhealth.org or (202) 552-5864. For more details on membership, please visit our website.

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