340B Health

Compliance Webinar: 2019 Developments

Wednesday, December 4
2:00 – 3:00 PM ET

DURATION: 60 minutes, including Q&A.

The 340B program continues to be a key part of conversations in Washington on drug pricing and health care costs. Throughout 2019, lawmakers, the Trump Administration, and various stakeholders showed a heightened interest in 340B eligibility, integrity, spending, and savings. The newly launched 340B ceiling price database, developments in the Medicare Part B lawsuit, and changes to HRSA audit documents are some of the activities that have and will continue to have significant effects on 340B operations and compliance.

Join 340B Health for a webinar on Wednesday, December 4 from 2:00 to 3:00 PM (Eastern) to review the latest program requirements and guidance and how the 2019 landscape may set the stage for 2020.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: 340B hospital program managers, coordinators, and compliance analysts, and 340B Health Corporate Partners.


REGISTRATION: The event is limited to 340B hospitals and prospective member hospitals and pre-registration is required. To register, please click the “REGISTER NOW!” button above. The deadline to register is Monday, December 2nd.

Registration Category Registration Fee
Enhanced Member Hospital, 340B Health Corporate Partners No charge
Standard, Basic, Affiliate Member Hospital $25
Prospective Member/Non-Members $895

MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE EVENT: Contact Matt Dorocak at matt.dorocak@340bhealth.org or (202) 536-2286.

MORE INFORMATION AND MEMBERSHIP: For more details about this event, please contact Shane Kelley at shane.kelley@340bhealth.org or (202) 552-5864. For more details on membership, please visit our website.