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Exclusive Individual Member Webinar: 
 “Project-Based Mentoring” is the key to Leadership Success

Tuesday, June 20, 2023
2:00-2:45 PM ET

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DURATION: 45 minutes, including Q & A.

Session Description: What is Project Based Mentoring, and how can this model build leadership skills?

Whether you are thinking about a formal organizational mentor model to build and train new hires, or you want to broach mentorship individually, a project-based approach may be the solution. We will delve into the meaning of Project Based Mentoring, its concepts, best practices, and takeaways. You will learn how Project Based Mentorship can build your leadership skills and those of others.

This interactive program will enlighten you on the advantages of Mentorships and how you might apply them for your own best use.

Please join Patty Alper, author of Teach to Work: How a Mentor, a Mentee, and a Project Can Close the Skills Gap in America to learn why her concepts are being used by universities and employers across the country.

This is an exclusive, individual member-only webinar!


INTENDED AUDIENCE: This complimentary event is offered exclusively to Individual Members of 340B Health.

REGISTRATION: To register, please click “REGISTER NOW!” above. The deadline to register for this event is Friday, June 16th, 2023.

MORE INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR MEMBERSHIP OR THE EVENT: Contact Kalika Shah at kalika.shah@340bhealth.org .

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