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Contribute to the Alliance to Protect 340B

Dear 340B Health Member,

Your hospital or health system plays an important role in protecting the 340B drug pricing program through your membership in 340B Health. But unprecedented challenges to the program require more robust advocacy efforts than our membership dues can support. That is why we are asking you to join the Alliance to Protect 340B.

The Alliance to Protect 340B is a special 340B Health advocacy initiative dedicated to ensuring that 340B stays safe from attempts to reduce or eliminate program discounts. By doing so, we can continue to ensure that your hospital or health system can serve your patients in need, especially those living with low incomes. Hundreds of hospitals already have contributed to funding the Alliance, and we are asking you to join them.

The Challenges

The 340B program – and the hospitals and patients who rely on it – face a series of significant challenges that require our strong response. Pharmaceutical manufacturers are employing unilateral strategies to decrease access to drug discounts that could prove harmful to the program if not stopped. All the while, the prescription drug industry and its allies continue their attempts to distract from the high prices the companies set for their products by inaccurately asserting that 340B discounts are to blame.

Our Alliance Response

These challenges require additional support beyond membership dues that can help fund the full costs of a comprehensive advocacy campaign to protect 340B. Thanks to Alliance members’ support, we have:

  • Mobilized bipartisan opposition from hundreds of members of Congress to government and industry policy changes that would undermine 340B discounts
  • Launched digital advertising campaigns in coordination with other national provider organizations calling on policymakers to protect 340B against attacks on the program
  • Recruited new allies on Capitol Hill to advocate to their colleagues and federal officials in support of 340B
  • Secured 340B regulatory flexibility for hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Commissioned research to demonstrate the 340B role in improving patient health outcomes
  • Launched a twice-monthly podcast about the 340B program that has brought 340B issues to a wider public audience
  • Placed hundreds of news, opinion, and educational articles that promote the role of 340B hospitals in the health care system

Please join the Alliance to Protect 340B today so together we can meet the challenges that the program faces. To learn more about the role the Alliance plays in protecting 340B, contact me (maureen.testoni@340bhealth.org or 202-552-5860). For questions about how to contribute to the Alliance, contact Shane Kelley (shane.kelley@340bhealth.org or 202-552-5864). We very much appreciate your support on this crucial initiative.

Thank you,

Maureen Testoni
President and Chief Executive Officer
340B Health

Census Bed Contribution Level
250+ Leader: $20,000
100-249 Champion: $10,000+
50-99 Advocate: $5,000+
<50 Supporter: $1,000+