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Contribute to the Alliance to Protect 340B

Dear 340B Health Member,

By belonging to 340B Health, your institution already plays a crucial role in safeguarding the 340B drug pricing program. From Capitol Hill to the White House, the 340B program is facing its biggest challenges in its history, including dramatic Medicare cuts to increasing calls for restricting the program. 340B Health is fighting hard on all fronts to protect the vital drug price discounts provided under 340B that are such an important part of our nation’s safety net. To win these fights, we need your help more than ever with the Alliance to Protect 340B, a special 340B Health advocacy initiative dedicated to protecting 340B and ensuring that your hospital or health system can continue to provide much-needed care to our most vulnerable. Since this initiative began, hundreds of hospitals have contributed. We really need you to help us meet our important goal of doubling participation.

The Challenges

340B hospitals nationwide continue to face major threats. On January 1, the final Medicare Part B rule which sharply reduced payments to 340B hospitals went into effect. What’s more, the House Energy and Commerce Committee has issued a report recommending changes to the 340B program, some of which could limit the scope of 340B, and more than a dozen bills have been introduced that would place limits on hospital and child site enrollment and would subject hospitals to burdensome and misleading reporting requirements.

Our Impact

While your membership dues are incredibly helpful to the 340B cause, they frankly can’t cover the costs of the intensive advocacy campaign we need to undertake. Thanks to Alliance members’ support, we have been able to:

  • Engage influential advocates like former House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman (D-CA), House of Representatives Doctors Caucus co-founder Phil Gingrey (R-GA), and Rodney Whitlock, long-time health policy advisor to Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA)
  • Place hundreds of op-eds and earned media stories showcasing the crucial value of 340B to patients, hospitals and communities
  • Conduct compelling, original research demonstrating the unique role that 340B hospitals play in serving our most vulnerable patient populations
  • Develop persuasive videos of patients and the heroic efforts of 340B hospitals and their clinicians to provide them the unique care they need

To address the challenges 340B hospitals now face, we will need to play an even more aggressive role in protecting this program. Can we count on you to help us take on the challenge? For more information about the Alliance and how your hospital can participate, please contact Shane Kelley at shane.kelley@340bhealth.org or at 202-552-5864. We look forward to working with you on this critical endeavor.

Census Bed Contribution Level
250+ Leader: $20,000
100-249 Champion: $10,000+
50-99 Advocate: $5,000+
<50 Supporter: $1,000+