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Episode Thirty-Eight: A Patient's Perspective on 340B

November 1, 2021

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Nov. 4, 2021, is the 29th anniversary of the 340B drug pricing program. To celebrate how 340B has benefited patients, we are joined by Jennifer Gallagher, lead pharmacy technician at Parkview Medical Center in Pueblo, Colo. Jennifer is not only a provider, she also is a patient whose health care journey has repeatedly intersected with the 340B program. She shares her story of how the 340B program has provided her access to the care she has needed to manage multiple health challenges. Before the interview, we answer a listener's question about HRSA audits of drug companies participating in 340B. (Transcript)

Show Notes

  • From Pharmacy Technician to 340B Patient As a pharmacy technician, Jennifer was familiar with the 340B program, but she came to understand its benefits more fully when she became a patient at Parkview. Jennifer discusses the major medical events she has experienced.
  • How 340B Supports Comprehensive Care Throughout her health care journey, Jennifer witnessed how the 340B program helped Parkview offer comprehensive care to her and the community. She shares how 340B savings enabled Parkview to open an outpatient pharmacy and a cardiac rehab program that assisted her in receiving proper medication and care management. That support for her recovery enabled her to return to working full time. She also provides an update on how her health is today.
  • Becoming a 340B Advocate Jennifer’s health care experiences and 340B’s important role in her care have influenced her approach as a pharmacy technician. She explains how these experiences prompted her to become an advocate and share her story with policymakers in Washington.
  • 340B’s Importance to Pueblo Pueblo is a rural community, with most of Parkview’s patients covered by Medicaid or Medicare. Without Parkview providing the services that 340B helps fund, patients often would have to travel long distances for their care. Jennifer believes that without the services she received at Parkview, she would have struggled to return to work full time and contribute to her community.

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