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Episode Forty-Seven: Celebrating the 340B Ceiling Price Website’s Success

April 11, 2022

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This week, we are joined by Steven Miller, vice president of pharmacy services at 340B Health. April 1 was the third anniversary of the federal 340B ceiling price website’s launch. Steve discusses how this database has become an invaluable tool for 340B drug pricing transparency. Before the interview, our news update shares how HRSA escalated enforcement actions against one of the companies restricting 340B discounts. The update also notes the release of 340B Health’s 2021 annual survey report on how hospitals are using their savings. (Transcript)

Show Notes

  • How the Ceiling Price Website Operates The drug price database requires drug companies to submit pricing information to HRSA that is then used to calculate 340B ceiling prices for each eligible drug. This makes the website the source of truth. Steve explains who can access the website, the data elements that drug companies submit to HRSA, and the timeline for this process. He also shares the types of analysis that hospitals can do using the ceiling price information.
  • What to Do When Your Hospital Is Overcharged Steve recommends how often an authorized official or primary contact at a hospital should check the ceiling price website and what to do if they believe the hospital has been overcharged. Filing overcharge reports are critical to keeping drug companies accountable.
  • The Impact of the Ceiling Price Website In its three years, the ceiling price website has increased 340B drug pricing transparency. Steve recaps the trends in recent years’ overcharge reports and HRSA audits of drug companies, estimates how much covered entities are overcharged, and shares examples of how the database has become essential for drug manufacturer accountability and the protection of covered entities’ 340B savings.

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