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Episode FIFTY-TWO: U.S. Supreme Court Decision on Medicare Cuts to 340B

June 27, 2022

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The U.S. Supreme Court issued a major decision earlier this month regarding Medicare Part B cuts for 340B drugs. We’re joined by Amanda Nagrotsky, senior counsel for 340B Health to understand what implications this decision holds for 340B hospitals. (Transcript)

Show Notes

  • This Decision was Years in the Making Amanda provides important background on the Medicare Part B cuts and the different court cases that led to the U.S. Supreme Court deciding the case.  
  • An Important Victory for 340B Hospitals Amanda discusses the unanimous court decision in favor of 340B hospitals, whether the decision could affect payers other than Medicare, and other highlights from the court’s 14-page decision.
  • Next Steps Several key questions remain following the Supreme Court’s decision. Amanda analyzes what the decision could mean for future Medicare Part B payment rates for 340B drugs, the process for determining repayment to 340B hospitals, and what 340B hospitals should do now as we wait for next steps to develop.

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