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Episode FIFTY-FOUR: 340B Inventory Management

July 25, 2022

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Inventory management is a major responsibility for many 340B professionals. Today, we’re joined by Melissa Antonopoulos, senior 340B internal auditor at Memorial Healthcare System, to learn more. She discusses the intersection of 340B and inventory management and goes over practices for ensuring hospitals and their patients have the medications they need. In our news segment, we cover a new letter on contract pharmacy from Congress to the Department of Health and Human Services and new developments on Medicare payments for 340B drugs. (Transcript)

Show Notes

  • The Relationship between Inventory Management and 340B Melissa explains why hospitals need adequate pharmacy inventory, how 340B affects the inventory budget, and how covered entities remain compliant with 340B when ordering medications. She also discusses the many resources available to 340B professionals both inside and outside of their hospitals.
  • Preventing Drug Shortages Drug shortage concerns are a significant challenge for a hospital pharmacy. Melissa shares how hospital pharmacies can work across departments to mitigate a drug shortage before it affects patients.
  • The Role of Electronic Health Record Data Melissa discusses how electronic health record data supports inventory management, including through tools such as barcode scanning, to better serve patients. She also describes a recent medication dispensing project at her health system.

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