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Episode FIFTY-SEVEN: How to Manage Drug Shortages

September 12, 2022

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Drug shortages occurring throughout the U.S. health system can lead to delays for patients receiving the medications they need. 340B hospitals face unique challenges with avoiding and managing drug shortages. We are joined by Cescilly Smith-Jenkins, 340B program director at Ascension Wisconsin, to find out how 340B hospitals can address shortage problems effectively. (Transcript)

Show Notes

  • Why Drug Shortages Happen There are several factors behind drug shortages. Cescilly explains how drug shortages are affected by other supply shortages, outlines drug shortage trends in the U.S., and notes which drugs are most prone to being in short supply.
  • 340B Challenges to Managing Shortages 340B compliance adds additional complexity to drug shortages. Cescilly discusses how regulatory policies create challenges for avoiding shortages on 340B-eligible drugs. She also shares an example of how her health system overcame a recent drug shortage.   
  • Approaches to Stay Ahead of Shortages Cescilly has a unique way to think about 340B that can help hospitals operate their program in a way that stays ahead of drug shortages. She also explains risks that can occur when the 340B team is unaware of hospital operational changes, and she provides practical tips on maintaining communications with key stakeholders.

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