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Washington, D.C.— The President’s proposal to alter Medicare payment policies for hospitals participating in the 340B drug pricing program raises serious concerns about the future of this vital program and the patient care it supports. In the guise of lowering drug prices, the Administration is seeking to continue its misguided policy of reducing Part B payments to 340B hospitals, a policy that violates Medicare law and undermines the 340B program enacted by Congress. This policy is already forcing many hospitals to cut back on services and personnel and has weakened their ability to serve low-income and rural patients. Congress must enact bipartisan legislation (H.R.4392) sponsored by Rep. David McKinley (R-W.Va.) and cosponsored by 185 members of the House to roll back these cuts.

The Administration has proposed to take money away from hospitals that serve high volumes of low-income and rural patients, harming access to care for Americans who are underinsured and enrolled in Medicaid and Medicare. This policy would not lower drug prices and could, in fact, lead to higher profits for drug manufacturers. Congress should reject this ill-advised proposal and continue its strong, bipartisan support for this vital program.

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