340B Health

Faces of 340B

Herb Werner, Cleveland, OH

Herb Werner had just cleared a downspout on his roof when the ladder he was on kicked out from under him. Herb fell and suffered a severe spinal cord injury. As he adjusted to life after the accident, Herb found that there are complications from such an injury that go beyond needing a wheelchair. Herb was having urological problems, and his doctor prescribed him a medication to address the issue. However, Herb was concerned about the financial burden of the monthly copay. That’s when Herb’s doctor recommended he check with MetroHealth’s pharmacy in Cleveland about whether he could receive a price break on the medication through the 340B program. When Herb checked with MetroHealth, he was given the good news that he would receive a nearly 75 percent discount on his medication, thanks to 340B savings. Reducing the financial uncertainty has been a relief for Herb as he looks ahead to the potential of needing more medications as he ages with his injury. Now, he can focus more intently on living the best possible life.