340B Health

Faces of 340B


When the health professionals at Kootenai Health send a patient home, one of their main goals is not to see that patient back in the hospital again any time soon. That’s why the 299-bed medical center in rural northern Idaho utilizes its 340B savings to ensure that discharged patients obtain the medications they need to stay healthy at home, especially if they can’t afford them.

Patients leaving the hospital have the option to meet with a social worker to make sure they can pay for the care they received and any medications that they have been prescribed. Those who qualify for assistance receive the medications for free or at a significant discount through 340B, says Jake Chapman, the pharmacy business manager at the health system.

340B savings also help employ specialty pharmacists who work at the clinic level to ensure that patients can obtain the drugs they need and take them as directed. Dedicated assistance with such issues as prior authorization, clinical checks, and medication therapy management lead to earlier therapy start times, greater medication compliance, and better patient health outcomes.