340B Health

Faces of 340B

Jennifer Gallagher, Pueblo., Colo.

Pueblo, Colo., is the hometown of four Congressional Medal of Honor recipients – something no other U.S. city can say. Congress proclaimed Pueblo “America’s Home of Heroes” in 1993 and that honor has become a staple of the city’s culture. Pueblo resident Jennifer Gallagher exudes the can-do spirit that makes the city stand out. Childhood rheumatic fever caused a heart murmur and scarred her lungs. She’s had neck surgery and has battled back from a c. difficile infection. Her health is fragile, leading to frequent hospital stays and significant medical expenses. In 2013, she underwent open heart surgery at Parkview Medical Center, just north of downtown. To prevent future complications, Jennifer was prescribed the blood thinner Coumadin for the rest of her life. Patients on Coumadin need close medical supervision. Jennifer gets the medication at a discount from Parkview’s retail pharmacy thanks to the hospital’s participation in the 340B drug discount program. Parkview’s 340B savings also support its outpatient anticoagulation clinic for patients. Jennifer is back on her feet. “I’m a productive human being. I’ve been able to work full-time,” she says. If these services were not available at Parkview Medical Center, Jennifer would have to seek care outside of Pueblo, which could be financially cumbersome and affect her ability to work, something she holds dear. “I’m very, very proud that despite all of my illnesses, I’m able to work and I’m able to give back.” The programs and services Parkview Medical Center has provided Jennifer have been essential to bolstering her health, and the hospital could not fund these initiatives without savings from the 340B program. “I believe our community is a better place because of 340B,” Jennifer says.