340B Health

Faces of 340B

Olivia Little, 340B Coordinator, Johnson County Hospital, Neb.

Without Johnson County Hospital nearby, members of the community would need to travel between 45 and more than 100 miles away to receive the care they need. Olivia Little, the 340B coordinator at the 18-bed critical access hospital in Tecumseh, Neb.,, knows how much of a burden that would place on cancer patients and their caregivers. They would be forced to make the long drives despite already not feeling well. Johnson County Hospital uses its 340B savings to offer local chemotherapy services at its main facility. The hospital runs a rural health clinic in neighboring Gage County as well. The program also helps fund home health services and community benefits such as diabetic foot checks and nail care clinics, and blood pressure screenings. In addition, 340B savings helps Johnson County recruit and retain talented physicians, addressing the shortage problem that often affects rural areas such as Tecumseh. Put together, these efforts get people the care they need to achieve better health, stay at home, and avoid needing to be readmitted to the hospital.