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Faces of 340B

vivian tamayo, md, medical director, pr concra, pr

Puerto Rico CoNCRA is a community-based organization that is one of the largest clinics in the San Juan area dedicated to HIV prevention and treatment. Through its participation in the Ryan White Program, it also is eligible for 340B discounts.

In 2017, these savings were crucial in enabling PR CoNCRA to provide care following the devastation of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Vivian Tamayo, MD, the medical director at the clinic, said 340B support helped her and the other health providers care for refugees from neighboring islands whose homes were destroyed. It also enabled the clinic to increase its mental health services after providers identified that as a priority in the wake of the hurricane destruction.

Rolling back 340B support would be “catastrophic” for an organization such as PR CoNCRA, which serves a valuable mission in both times of disaster and in ordinary times, Dr. Tamayo says.