340B Health

Faces of 340B

Warren Quigley, Pharmacy manager, san ysidro health, ca

Getting healthy can be a particularly difficult thing for uninsured people to do, especially if they need prescription drugs that they can’t afford on their own.

San Ysidro Health, a nonprofit organization in San Diego, aims to address this problem through a program that uses 340B savings to get patients integrated back into the health care system. Uninsured patients who qualify are seen by a primary care physician to get the prescription orders they need, are sent home with a free 30-day supply of maintenance medications, and are connected with a health coverage enrollment assistance program so they can continue taking the drugs they need to stay healthy.

Warren Quigley, San Ysidro Health’s pharmacy manager, notes that this program is one of the many ways in which the organization uses 340B to provide community health benefits and help people who can’t afford their health care. The system also offers such services as behavioral health, mobile medical units, an all-inclusive care program for seniors, and more.