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"The time for delay is over. It is time for action.”

Washington, D.C.— Today’s decision by the Trump administration to delay enforcement of a rule penalizing pharmaceutical companies that overcharge providers in the 340B drug pricing program will allow drug makers to continue to saddle hospitals, clinics, and health systems with higher and higher prices.

By delaying enforcement of the civil monetary penalties rule and putting off posting an online database of ceiling prices, providers can’t know how much they should have to pay for the drugs their patients need.

Congress ordered the civil monetary penalty rules more than eight years ago based on clear, documented evidence of overcharging by manufacturers. In recent testimony before Congress, HHS’ Office of the Inspector General urged enforcement of these rules, noting that “currently, providers have to trust that drug companies are in fact providing the mandated discounts.” Six national hospital associations and more than a dozen national organizations representing 340B providers and patients have urged HHS to enforce the rules.

HHS should begin enforcing these rules immediately. The time for delay is over. It is time for action.

Contact: Richard Sorian at richard.sorian@340bhealth.org or 202-536-2285.