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Episode Thirty-Two: Pharmacy Technicians and 340B

August 16, 2021

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This week, we are joined by Nan Kempadoo, 340B internal auditor for Memorial Healthcare System in Hollywood, Fla. Nan is a certified pharmacy technician who spoke on the pharmacy technician roundtable at last month’s 340B Coalition Summer Conference. She discusses how pharmacy techs play an important role in the operations and compliance of 340B hospitals and notes the growing number of career opportunities available to them in 340B. Before the interview, we give an update on a seventh drug company that has refused 340B discounts to safety-net providers when drugs are dispensed at community pharmacies as well as how members of Congress are responding to the continuing dispute. (Transcript)

Show Notes

  • The Role Pharmacy Techs Play in 340B Nan shares how she first became a pharmacy tech and progressed to becoming a 340B internal auditor. Pharmacy techs’ experience equips them to take on 340B program management and auditing. Nan describes the roles pharmacy techs can take on, both on and off the 340B team, and how tech positions have evolved.
  • Resources for 340B Newcomers Nan shares what resources were most helpful when she first began her role in 340B. These resources provided basic insight into how the 340B program works. Nan also shares how she realized the importance of developing soft skills after she started working with the program. She gives advice to pharmacy techs who are starting their careers in 340B.
  • Hospital Training on 340B  Internal training also is critical for the professional development of pharmacy techs. Nan’s health system uses a combination of internal resources, presentations, and in-person site visits to help their teams learn more about 340B operations and compliance as well as how they use 340B savings to support their community.

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