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340B Insight is 340B Health’s podcast, providing our members and supporters with timely news updates and discussion around the 340B drug pricing program. The podcast enables listeners to stay current and expand their knowledge of 340B to help them serve their patients and communities and remain compliant with rules and requirements. New episodes are published twice per month and include news update segments and in-depth interviews with leading experts including health care practitioners, policy and legal experts, public policymakers, and our expert staff.

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  • Episode 92: How To Prevent 340B Duplicate Discounts

    One of the most important elements of 340B compliance is preventing duplicate discounts. Ensuring there are no duplicate discounts is high on the list of compliance concerns for covered entities, and it is one of the major items that 340B auditors look for. But how do these entities ensure they stay compliant? On this episode, we speak to Melissa Bruce, an ACE-certified compliance analyst for the 340B Programs Team at UNC Health in North Carolina, to learn more. (Transcript)

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  • Episode 91: How Do 340B Child Site Eligibility Changes Affect Hospitals?

    340B hospitals can register certain outpatient locations with the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) as 340B child sites, which allows them to use 340B drugs. HRSA recently announced some changes to how it had been determining this eligibility during the COVID-19 public health emergency. How have these changes affected 340B hospitals, particularly those that had planned new child sites under the previous policy? For the answers to this question and more, we spoke to Chuck Stubbs, a 340B pharmacist with Intermountain Health based in Salt Lake City. (Transcript)

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  • Episode 90: How To Get Through a 340B Audit

    The Health Resources & Services Administration audits 200 covered entities each year for compliance with 340B rules. We speak with Mark Capuano, senior director of the corporate pharmacy 340B program at New York City Health and Hospitals, about what hospitals should expect when they find out they will be going through a 340B audit. (Transcript)

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  • Episode 89: How New 340B Reporting Requirements Are Affecting Hospitals

    340B sits at an intersection where federal programs and state agencies come together. Maine, Minnesota, and Washington recently enacted new laws requiring hospitals to report 340B information to the states each year. What should health systems know about these new requirements? We speak with Danny Ackert, the director of state government relations at the Minnesota Hospital Association, to learn more about what these requirements look like in his state and what hospitals might expect in other states considering such reporting. (Transcript)

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  • Episode 88: Answering More of Your 340B Questions

    We are returning to a popular episode format we aired early last year, when we consulted with 340B Health’s expert staff to answer your most pertinent 340B questions. As we start another busy year for 340B, we help you prepare for the action by answering your questions about the Genesis court decision, 340B activity in state legislatures, Medicare Part B repayments, and more. (Transcript)

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  • Episode 87: Advice for 340B Hospitals Pursuing Health Equity

    The 340B drug pricing program can produce significant savings that hospitals can invest in more equitable care for underserved patients. What are some of the best ways for hospitals to use their savings in the pursuit of greater health equity? We sit down with Danielle McPherson, the executive director of managed care contracting and operations with Mercy Health, to discuss how one Mercy hospital uses 340B savings to close health care gaps in the St. Louis area. Danielle provides practical advice for how other hospitals can take their own integrated, collaborative, and formalized approaches to 340B and health equity. (Transcript)

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