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340B Insight is 340B Health’s podcast, providing our members and supporters with timely news updates and discussion around the 340B drug pricing program. The podcast enables listeners to stay current and expand their knowledge of 340B to help them serve their patients and communities and remain compliant with rules and requirements. New episodes are published twice per month and include news update segments and in-depth interviews with leading experts including health care practitioners, policy and legal experts, public policymakers, and our expert staff.

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  • Episode 41: 340B Addresses Social Determinants of Health for Patients with HIV

    This week, we are joined by Dr. Ellen Eaton, an assistant professor and infectious disease specialist at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Dr. Eaton works at UAB Medicine’s 1917 Clinic, a Ryan White HIV/AIDS clinic that relies on 340B savings to treat its patients. She discusses how the health system’s clinic has partnered with local community housing organizations to provide temporary housing support to patients with unstable housing to improve their medication adherence and overall health outcomes. Before the interview, we bring our listeners up to speed on a big update in the 340B community pharmacy dispute that occurred right at the end of 2021. (Transcript)

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  • Episode 40: Maureen Testoni Analyzes the Latest Developments in 340B

    This week, we are joined again by 340B Health President and CEO Maureen Testoni. Maureen discusses and analyzes major developments for the 340B program that occurred this fall. These include updates on the community pharmacy dispute, legislation on drug pricing, and the U.S. Supreme Court hearing arguments on Medicare pay cuts to 340B hospitals. (Transcript)

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  • Episode 39: Diabetes Month and 340B

    November is American Diabetes Month. To explore how 340B supports care for patients living with diabetes, we speak with Salem Health’s Riley Protz, pharmacy inventory and 340B program manager, and AJ Sowles, manager of ambulatory care clinical pharmacy services. Riley and AJ discuss Salem Health’s use of 340B savings to create a medication management clinic that is helping improve the health outcomes of patients living with diabetes. Before the interview, we share exciting news about 340B Insight, recap several recent federal court decisions in the 340B community pharmacy dispute, and provide an update on Medicare payment cuts to 340B hospitals in 2022. (Transcript)

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  • Episode 38: A Patient’s Perspective on 340B

    Nov. 4, 2021, is the 29th anniversary of the 340B drug pricing program. To celebrate how 340B has benefited patients, we are joined by Jennifer Gallagher, lead pharmacy technician at Parkview Medical Center in Pueblo, Colo. Jennifer is not only a provider, she also is a patient whose health care journey has repeatedly intersected with the 340B program. She shares her story of how the 340B program has provided her access to the care she has needed to manage multiple health challenges. Before the interview, we answer a listener's question about HRSA audits of drug companies participating in 340B. (Transcript)

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  • Episode 37: Responding to the COVID-19 Delta Variant

    This week, we are joined again by Scott Milner, senior director of pharmacy, business development, purchasing, 340B, and infusion services at St. Luke’s Health System in Idaho. We had spoken with Scott in January about the initial distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, and we reconnected with him to hear about how St. Luke’s has responded to a recent surge in COVID cases from the Delta variant and its effect on 340B program management. (Transcript)

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  • Episode 36: 340B Child Site Registration

    This week, we are joined by Amanda Nagrotsky, 340B Health’s legal counsel. 340B child sites are a key component of how hospitals reach more patients and provide more health care services. Amanda discusses what hospitals need to know about registering child sites, including eligibility requirements, registration timelines, required documents, and available resources to help them navigate the process. Before the interview, we provide an update on the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) initiating enforcement actions against another drug company that has stopped providing 340B discounts when drugs are dispensed at community pharmacies. (Transcript)

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