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Episode Sixty: Moving Patients from Emergency Care to Coordinated Care

October 24, 2022

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When Hennepin Medical Center saw that some of their patients were frequently visiting the emergency department for all their health care needs, they recognized how vital it was to find a better way to care for them. Our guest this week is Christene Jolowsky, senior director of pharmacy at Hennepin Healthcare. Christene shares how Hennepin has used 340B savings to operate a coordinated care clinic that meets the health and social needs of their patients. Prior to the interview, we provide news updates on the restoration of full Medicare payment rates for 340B drugs and details about another drug company that is attempting to block the federal government from requiring 340B discounts on drugs dispensed at contract pharmacies. (Transcript)

Show Notes

  • A One-Stop Shop for Care Chris shares how the coordinated care clinic determines which patients are eligible for its services. She then describes a typical patient experience at the clinic and how this experience meets the clinic’s mission to provide comprehensive care. This includes addressing social determinants of health such as transportation and food insecurity.
  • Keys to the Clinic’s Success Many patients come into the clinic with distrust of the medical system and providers. Chris explains how Hennepin’s providers build trust with patients and provide personalized care.
  • The Role of 340B 340B savings have supported every aspect of the coordinated care clinic. Chris discusses how the clinic’s presence has reduced emergency department visits and shares a story of how the clinic significantly reduced the number of prescribed medications for one of its patients.  

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