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Episode Sixty-Five: Home Infusion and 340B Considerations

January 9, 2023

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Providing care beyond hospital walls is a growing trend for 340B hospitals. One service that health systems provide outside of the hospital setting is home infusion care. On our first episode of 2023, we are joined by David Klinger and Seth Gazes from Geisinger Health to hear how 340B hospitals can establish home infusion care and the 340B considerations they should keep in mind. Prior to the interview, we provide an update on the 19th drug company to restrict 340B discounts for drugs dispensed at community and specialty contract pharmacies. We also recap drug manufacturer 340B overcharge notices in 2022. (Transcript)

Show Notes

  • Establishing a Home Infusion Program Dave and Seth share the challenges that historically underserved patients face accessing infusion treatments and how this motivated Geisinger to start a home infusion program. They discuss how home infusion helps the health system provide comprehensive care, detail how the program assists patients with navigating their treatment, and share patient feedback about the program.  
  • 340B Considerations Dave and Seth explain the 340B considerations for operating a home infusion program. These include understanding patient eligibility and the type of pharmacy that will support the home infusion program. Our guests also share how Geisinger uses the 340B savings it receives from discounts on home infusion drugs.  
  • Home Infusion Program Trends One of the challenges operating a home infusion program is the availability of nurse staffing. Geisinger is responding to this challenge by establishing home infusion treatment in a clinic format outside of the hospital. Seth also discusses opportunities for more infusion drugs to be administered outside of the hospital.

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