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Episode Sixty-Six: Your 340B Questions Answered

January 24, 2023

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We often receive listener questions about 340B issues and developments that affect professionals in the 340B world. In this episode, we open the listener virtual mailbag and answer some of your questions with help from our 340B Health staff experts. Some of the questions we tackle include queries about mitigating 340B contract pharmacy restrictions, understanding 340B patient definition, analyzing current 340B hospital audit trends, and examining Medicare Advantage payment rates for 340B drugs. (Transcript)

Show Notes

  • Mitigating Contract Pharmacy Restrictions In response to a listener's question, we discuss ways 340B hospitals can access program savings despite contract pharmacy restrictions. We share data about the amount of 340B savings restored to 340B hospitals when they apply for drug company exceptions.
  • Hospital 340B Audit Trends For one listener question, we recap the most recent data on hospital 340B audit results and identify the most common audit finding.
  • The Impact of Medicare 340B Payment Policy on Medicare Advantage Rates A listener asks how Medicare Advantage plans are responding to the restoration of full Medicare Part B payment rates for 340B drugs. We discuss what we know and what remains uncertain.

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