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Episode Sixty-Eight: Making Health IT Work With 340B

February 21, 2023

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Health information technology (IT) is intertwined with 340B operations and compliance. So how can hospitals and health systems manage IT while keeping 340B in mind? To find out, we hear from Robert Owens, director of pharmacy enterprise shared services at Atrium Health. Bob is a pharmacy health IT expert, and he shares how the technology intersects with 340B. He also shares insights to ensure strong 340B operations and compliance when undergoing an electronic health records (EHR) system conversion. Before the interview, we provide an update on two more drug companies restricting 340B discounts. (Transcript)

Show Notes

  • IT's Intersection With 340B Operations Bob discusses the different types of IT systems providing data that are important for closely monitoring your 340B program, including electronic health records, automated dispensing cabinets, and IV workflow software. He emphasizes the importance of the 340B team members becoming experts on 340B data.
  • EHR Conversions Bob explains how EHR system conversions affect 340B operations and compliance. He walks through the steps his team took before and during one of its conversions and points out the potential pitfalls to avoid. 
  • Strategies for Managing NDCs An EHR conversion means 340B professionals need to be aware of potential NDC challenges that go along with it. Bob shares some questions 340B professionals should ask about charging and administration practices when planning for a change in EHR systems.

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