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Episode 79: Annual 340B Recertification Is Here!

August 14, 2023

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It’s that time of year again when your 340B hospital must go through the annual 340B recertification process. 340B Health’s vice president of pharmacy services Steven Miller joins us to discuss what 340B covered entities need to know about recertification and how to recertify without any errors. (Transcript)

Show Notes

  • How the Recertification Process Works Steve explains the step-by-step process for covered entities to confirm and validate the accuracy of their information and ensure they are still eligible for 340B.
  • Eligibility Criteria for Hospitals Steve discusses the criteria covered entities must meet to qualify for recertification and how they can ensure their official information reflects that eligibility.
  • Recertification Best Practices and Resources Steve shares his best practices for recertification, including common error hospitals must avoid, and explains how 340B Health can help member hospitals during this process.

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