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Episode 81: The Power of 340B Crosswalks

September 11, 2023

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340B compliance is essential to the integrity and success of the program, and data management across hospital departments is an essential element of compliance. By implementing data crosswalks, 340B hospitals can achieve greater program compliance and optimization. Anja Wilkinson, 340B program manager at St. Francis Health System in Tulsa, Okla., joins us to speak about best practices for 340B crosswalks and how interdepartmental coordination is key to maximizing the benefits of 340B.

Before the interview, we give an update on the projected effects on the 340B program of the first 10 Medicare Part D drugs subject to caps starting in 2026 under the Inflation Reduction Act and the negative effects of the Stop Drug Shortages Act if it is passed into law as currently drafted. (Transcript)

Show Notes

  • Types of Crosswalks Anja speaks to the different kinds of data crosswalks involving national drug codes, charge description masters, and electronic medical records, that are involved with mapping data from department to department. She stresses the importance of maintaining good contacts with hospital facilities management to stay aware of departmental changes.
  • Interdepartmental Support Experts on each of these crosswalks within hospitals must be able to rely on each other to further their understanding of each portion of the data. Anja talks about the significance of mapping data correctly for potential federal audits and expounds on the different players who should become involved in the process.
  • 340B Is Not Just Pharmacy Anja speaks about the importance of ensuring that all hospital members understand how they should engage with the 340B program within their roles. She also gives advice on where hospitals can turn if they need help from outside sources on setting up crosswalks.

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