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Episode 82: 340B Legislative and Regulatory Update from Maureen Testoni

September 25, 2023

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Several key developments in 340B-related legislation and regulation have occurred in recent weeks, and more are expected this fall. In this episode, Maureen Testoni returns to the show to give her updates on where 340B stands in Congress, in state legislatures, and with the administration. (Transcript)

Show Notes

  • State Legislation Testoni notes how states such as Arkansas and Louisiana are leading the way on expanding protections for 340B, leading to changes in drugmaker behavior and lawsuits in federal courts. 
  • Federal Legislation The House and Senate have been considering legislative language that would negatively impact 340B. Testoni notes how lawmakers have backed away from some of the more harmful provisions but that advocates are remaining vigilant.
  • Federal Regulation Testoni outlines a plan from the administration to pay back 340B hospitals for unlawful Medicare payment cuts. Advocates have submitted comments in favor of the repayment plan but in opposition to a related proposal to claw back other Medicare hospital funds.


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