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Episode 85: How To Engage Your Leadership on 340B

November 13, 2023

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In July, Karen Bowling became the new chair of the 340B Health Board of Directors. The West Virginia native is the president and CEO of Princeton Community Hospital and executive vice president of government affairs for West Virginia University Health System (WVU Medicine).

In this episode, Bowling discusses her clinical and leadership experience, her 340B advocacy and communications work, and her advice for getting hospital and health system leaders engaged on 340B. (Transcript)

Show Notes

  • Connecting 340B to Patients Bowling has spent decades working in health care since starting her career as an emergency department nurse in a small rural hospital in West Virginia’s Wyoming County. Now that she is a regional and national 340B leader, she has a keen understanding of how 340B connects to the patient care mission. She explains how to use that knowledge to engage with the C-suite on these issues.
  • Promoting 340B Advocacy Efforts As a government relations professional, Bowling knows how crucial it is to advocate for 340B with state and federal lawmakers. She describes how to make and maintain connections with policymakers who play a major role in determining 340B’s future.
  • Telling the 340B Story Bowling urges hospitals to communicate about how they use 340B to help patients in need, including through opinion pieces, media briefings, and community events. She recently wrote an op-ed for West Virginia’s The State Journal on the benefits of 340B and the harm caused by attempts to limit these benefits.

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