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Episode 90: How To Get Through a 340B Audit

February 26, 2024

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The Health Resources & Services Administration audits 200 covered entities each year for compliance with 340B rules. We speak with Mark Capuano, senior director of the corporate pharmacy 340B program at New York City Health and Hospitals, about what hospitals should expect when they find out they will be going through a 340B audit. (Transcript)

Show Notes

  • How a hospital can prepare for a 340B audit Auditors typically will ask to schedule a pre-site visit call and will provide a data request list for the information the auditor is seeking. Mark says it is important to provide this information in a timely, accurate and concise way, and to make sure you inform key stakeholders at your organization so you can get the subject matter experts involved. He also recommends doing test runs of the audit ahead of time.
  • What a hospital should expect on the day of an audit On the day of an audit, the auditor will trace a sample to see how a 340B drug goes from drugmaker to pharmacy to patient. The auditor will assess whether the hospital is following its 340B policies and procedures to make sure the drug went to an eligible patient and does not involve a duplicate discount. Mark says the process can be very stressful but that it also provides an opportunity to reframe the audit to showcase the great work of your hospital.
  • What hospitals should do if they receive audit findings If HRSA issues a finding, the hospital must draft and implement a corrective action plan. Mark recommends bringing in legal counsel and 340B consultants to review this document. After HRSA approves the CAP, the hospital will demonstrate to the agency that it is in place to ensure compliance going forward.

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