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Episode 92: How To Prevent 340B Duplicate Discounts

March 25, 2024

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One of the most important elements of 340B compliance is preventing duplicate discounts. Ensuring there are no duplicate discounts is high on the list of compliance concerns for covered entities, and it is one of the major items that 340B auditors look for. But how do these entities ensure they stay compliant? On this episode, we speak to Melissa Bruce, an ACE-certified compliance analyst for the 340B Programs Team at UNC Health in North Carolina, to learn more. (Transcript)

Show Notes

  • Compliance factors can vary state by state Melissa notes that it is important for covered entities to think through the duplicate discount compliance requirements in their home state, especially if their health system treats many patients from across state borders. A border state, a community that attracts tourists, or a college town are examples of areas in which providers can face different requirements depending on Medicaid rules for the states where those patients reside.
  • Ensuring compliance can be complex Ensuring duplicate discount compliance can be complex, especially if a provider has multiple child sites. How does a health system establish a carve-in or carve-out list? Melissa explains that some entities can have manual workflows that involve individuals reviewing Medicaid dispenses, understanding EHRs, and using spreadsheet skills to keep drug purchases compliant. But given the complexity that UNC Health faced under this method, the health system took a different approach.
  • Workflow automation can increase reliability and instill trust UNC Health decided to use an automated workflow approach to streamline manual duplicate discount prevention tasks. The team is rolling out the automation to other locations after finding that it improved accuracy and confidence in the process. Melissa notes that each health system will need to determine whether such an automated process makes sense for them.

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