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Episode 93: New Federal and State Legislative Movement on 340B

April 15, 2024

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The 340B community has seen major activity on several fronts since the start of 2024 – the introduction of new legislation on Capitol Hill, movement on legislation in the states, and key developments in the courts. 340B Health President and CEO Maureen Testoni returns to the show to help us make sense of these developments and how they might affect stakeholders. (Transcript)

Show Notes

  • Federal bills could help covered entities but also limit 340B’s scope One new bill introduced in the House of Representatives would restore access for covered entities to 340B pricing through their community and specialty pharmacies, as well as protecting access to discounted pricing at in-house pharmacies. The bill would tackle drug company restrictions that have been in place for nearly four years by authorizing the government to impose civil monetary penalties for drug companies that cut off this access.
  • But another draft bill under discussion in the U.S. Senate could have more mixed effects on covered entities. The Senate legislation would address the community and specialty pharmacy dispute, but it also could include additional provisions that would limit hospital eligibility for 340B and the types of patients that could receive 340B drugs. 340B Health was among the many stakeholder groups that submitted comments on the Senate bill discussion draft.
  • Major ruling by federal court is a big win for 340B advocates The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit recently ruled in favor of an Arkansas law that protects covered entity access to 340B discounts through specialty and community pharmacies. The pharmaceutical industry had sued to try to block the law in Arkansas as well as a similar law that Louisiana recently enacted. The decision will apply to any additional states within the Eighth Circuit jurisdiction that might enact their own 340B protections. Other federal appeals courts hearing drug industry challenges also will take note of this decision when considering those lawsuits.
  • West Virginia becomes the third state to protect 340B pharmacy access The West Virginia governor recently signed into law a new 340B law that closely resembles the statute on the books in Louisiana. 340B hospitals in the state had worked closely with state lawmakers to advocate for the measure and drive it toward enactment. More than 20 states are considering such legislation during their current legislative sessions, so the number of states with 340B pharmacy access laws on the books could grow before the end of the year.

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