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Faces of 340B

Cheryl Chupp, Philadelphia, PA

When Cheryl Chupp was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, she knew she needed to stick with her treatments despite cost and transportation barriers. After all, her young grandchildren were counting on her to help take care of them. Cheryl found her health solution at Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, where she received several procedures, multiple rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, and a costly medication regimen. But as stressful as the treatments were, she had financial peace of mind because Einstein never billed her. The hospital is using some of its 340B savings to help fill in the gap between what her Medicare and Medicaid coverage pays and the full cost of providing her care. Cheryl continues to receive maintenance treatments every three weeks at Einstein to prevent a recurrence of her cancer. Without having to worry about medical bills, she has been focused on what matters most: healing and being there for her grandchildren.