340B Health

Faces of 340B

340B is more than a drug purchasing program. It’s a life saver for low-income, uninsured, under-insured and other vulnerable patients. Have a patient story to share? Contact 340B Health Director of Communications, David Glendinning at david.glendinning@340bhealth.org or (202) 536-2289.


Patient: Mikayla Robinson

Patient: Kathleen Cavanagh

Jennifer Gallagher
Patient: Jennifer Gallagher

Michael Asip
Patient: Michael Asip

Richard Bey
Patient: Richard Bey

Paul Haskins
Patient: Paul Haskins

Jack Castalow
Patient: Jack Custalow

Deborah Scott
Patient: Debbie Scott

Dorian Alexander
Patient: Dorian-Gray Alexander

Lonnie Mikes
Patient: Lonnie Mikes

Guadalupe Mendoza
Patient: Guadalupe Mendoza

Clarence Long
Patient: Clarence Long

Anthony Suarez
Patient: Anthony Suarez

Shannon Williams
Patient: Shannon Williams

Gustavo Rosales
Patient: Gustavo Rosales

Lamar Williams
Patient: Lamar Williams

Tammy Willette
Patient: Tammy Willette

Patient: Christopher

Provider: Lelan Stice

Provider: Michael Lessard

Provider: Betty Arvidson

Provider: Danny Jackson

Provider: Vivian Tamayo

Provider: Page Smith

Provider: Dorothy Shuldman

Provider: Rory Phillips

Provider: Nancy Cruz

Provider: Warren Quigley

Provider: Kevin Jones

Provider: Dorsie Sullenger

Provider: Nourhane Badawi

Provider: Olivia Little

Provider: Hossam Gamal

Provider: Sandra Clark

Provider: Chuck Beams

Nicole Shoquist
Provider: Nicole Shoquist

Advocate: Joseph Pugliese

Alton Condra
Provider: Alton Condra

Joan Barickman
Provider: Joan Barickman

Dan Ryszka
Provider: Dan Ryszka

Tristan Greer
Provider: Tristan Greer

Sondra Donald
Provider: Sondra Donald

Cindy Williams
Provider: Cindy Williams

Cynthia Martens
Provider: Cynthia Martens

Sherrie Williams, M.D.
Provider: Sherrie Williams

Robert Chapman
Provider: Robert Chapman, MD

Mark Huffmyer
Provider: Mark Huffmyer

Nick Gnadt
Provider: Nick Gnadt