340B Health

Faces of 340B

Tracy Kimble, Chicago, IL

Tracy Kimble has overcome health challenges his entire life. As a young child, he was diagnosed with hypertension and heart disease. At the time, pediatric versions of medications to manage these diseases were not available and he was prescribed adult versions. This contributed to his kidneys failing when he was 19. Tracy was on dialysis for 11 years before he received his first kidney transplant. On top of the stress of the operation came anxiety over how he could afford the thousands of dollars for his critical anti-rejection medications.  

This is when UI Health provided Tracy support through the 340B drug pricing program. The health system used its 340B savings to provide Tracy with steep discounts on his drugs. Now Tracy no longer struggles to access the medications he needs to stay healthy. He joins many other uninsured, low-income, and underinsured patients who are receiving vital support through 340B.

Tracy says that without the discounts UI Health provides him, he would have to go back on dialysis. Instead, he is able to focus on his health and wellbeing without added financial stress.