340B Health

Faces of 340B

Debra Abercrumbie, Cleveland, OH

More than 10 percent of Americans are living with diabetes, and many of these patients are struggling to afford the lifesaving insulin and medical supplies they need to manage their disease. Debra Abercrumbie was one of these patients. She was unable to control her hemoglobin A1C levels until she came to the MetroHealth System in Cleveland, where the hospital provided her with coordinated care and financial help with her medications. While Debra’s care team worked together to help manage her chronic conditions, MetroHealth’s pharmacy offered her steep discounts on her insulin and the syringes she needed for her injections. As a result, she no longer is concerned about affording her medications, can adhere to the dosage she needs, and has achieved improved health in the past few years. The 340B program is behind the care and support that MetroHealth can offer patients such as Debra. Program savings go toward patient assistance, including by offsetting the cost of providing deeply discounted medication.