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WASHINGTON, D.C., JULY 28, 2021— The U.S. House yesterday approved bipartisan language “to highlight the need to protect the integrity of the 340B program by halting pharmaceutical manufacturers' unlawful actions that have resulted in overcharges to 340B covered entities.” The appropriations bill amendment, authored by Reps. Abigail Spanberger (D-Va.) and David McKinley (R-W.V.), pertains to drug companies that have stopped offering required discounts to safety-net hospitals, health centers, and clinics on drugs dispensed at community-based pharmacies.

In a House floor speech on the legislative language, Rep. Spanberger said, “My 340B-related amendment sends a message to big pharmaceutical companies: Stop hiking drug prices on consumers and discriminating against our 340B providers and pharmacies.”

The following statement is attributed to 340B Health President and CEO Maureen Testoni:

“We are enormously pleased by this bipartisan show of support for the 340B drug pricing program and the safety-net hospitals, health centers, and clinics that participate in it. For nearly 30 years, 340B has played a crucial role in caring for Americans most in need—those living with low incomes and those living in rural communities. This vote reinforces the fact that 340B is working as Congress intended at no cost to American taxpayers.”

“The actions of several drug companies to deny 340B discounts for drugs dispensed at community pharmacies are harming safety-net providers and the patients they serve while increasing drugmakers’ profits. The Health Resources & Services Administration has rightly called this a violation of the law and ordered these companies to restore 340B pricing for all eligible drug purchases. Instead of following the 340B statute, the companies have gone to the courts to block the government from enforcing the law.”

“With this vote, a significant bipartisan majority of the U.S. House of Representatives has clearly enunciated Congress’s opposition to the actions of these drug companies and its support for the hospitals, health centers, and clinics that rely on 340B for crucial resources.”

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