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340B Health President and CEO Maureen Testoni made the following statement regarding a Sept. 24 story in the New York Times discussing the 340B drug pricing program:

“The New York Times story does not reflect the critical role 340B and 340B hospitals play in treating our nation’s most vulnerable patients – those living with low incomes and those who live in often underserved rural communities. A wealth of published research demonstrates that 340B hospitals provide three-quarters of all hospital care for people with Medicaid and account for two-thirds of all uncompensated and unreimbursed care.”

“Congress created 340B to support the health care safety net by requiring drug companies to sell outpatient drugs to hospitals, health centers, and clinics that meet strict requirements. The savings from those discounts – not taxpayer dollars – are used to serve more patients, especially those with low income, and offer more comprehensive services. Throughout its history, 340B has enjoyed strong, bipartisan support that continues today.”

“340B savings help hospitals provide vital services that serve their communities’ needs including trauma and burn care, emergency and inpatient mental health services, and HIV/AIDS care. 340B hospitals also use savings to offer medication management services to help patients follow their treatment regimens and improve their health and transportation and translation services that reduce inequities in access to care.”

“Finally, 340B is a lifeline for hospitals serving rural communities. At a time of record rural hospital closures, 340B savings help keep the doors open so that people living in rural communities aren’t forced to travel many miles to get the care they need.”

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