340B Health

Individual Membership

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Individual Membership (IM) Program? 

Individual Membership is a supplemental category of membership for professionals currently employed by 340B Health member organizations. The program helps professionals advance their career, broaden their 340B expertise, and engage in 340B advocacy efforts.

Note: You must first be employed by a 340B Health membership organization to become an Individual Member.

What are the benefits of joining the IM Program?

IM benefits include:

  • Early-bird access for conference hotel room blocks at 340B Coalition Conferences (hospitals/health systems)
  • Complimentary workshops and networking events at national 340B Coalition conferences
  • Exclusive IM-only webinars focusing on trending topics
  • Opportunity to participate in the 340B Health Champion Recognition Program, designed to recognize and promote engagement and expertise among 340B professionals. (hospitals/health systems)
  • Access to the 340B Health Political Action Committee (PAC)

Who is eligible to join the IM Program?

All employees of 340B Health member organizations, including hospitals and health systems, Corporate Partners, and Contract Pharmacy Affiliates are eligible to join.

Can I be an IM if my organization is not a member of 340B Health?

No, your organization must be a member in order for you to join.

What are the annual dues?

Annual dues are $20 and are based on a calendar year, January-December.

Can I join any time of year?

Yes, membership is open year-round. For instance, if you pay your member dues in March, your membership would be up for renewal on December 31, 2022.

Can my organization reimburse my member dues?

Yes, please consult your organization’s policies for more details.

What is the 340B Health PAC?

The 340B Health PAC is a nonpartisan political action committee which supports candidates who support 340B. Individual members desiring additional information about the activities of 340B Health PAC may contact the following 340B Health staff member: Patrick McGary at patrick.mcgary@340bhealth.org or (202) 552-5857.

Can I contribute to the 340B Health PAC without being an Individual Member?

No, you must be enrolled in the Individual Membership Program before contributing to the PAC.

Can my organization reimburse me for my PAC contribution?

No, federal law requires that all PAC contributions must be made personally without organizational reimbursement.

How do I join?

We're so glad you asked! Visit Join as an Individual Member to get started today!

Who do I contact with questions?

For more information, please email membership@340bhealth.org or call (202) 536-2294.