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340B Insight is 340B Health’s podcast, providing our members and supporters with timely news updates and discussion around the 340B drug pricing program. The podcast enables listeners to stay current and expand their knowledge of 340B to help them serve their patients and communities and remain compliant with rules and requirements. New episodes are published twice per month and include news update segments and in-depth interviews with leading experts including health care practitioners, policy and legal experts, public policymakers, and our expert staff.

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  • Episode 50: A 340B Update from the State Level

    It’s our 50th episode! This week we are joined by Amanda Sellers Smith, legal counsel for 340B Health. Amanda is responsible for tracking and responding to 340B state legislative and regulatory actions. Even though 340B is a federal program, its close relationship with state Medicaid programs often keeps it on the agendas of state lawmakers and health officials. Amanda discusses what listeners need to know about recent 340B activity in the states. Before the interview, we give an update on recent briefs to appeals courts that are considering cases about the contract pharmacy dispute, and we note that another drug company has received an official violation letter from HRSA for its 340B restrictions. (Transcript)

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  • Episode 49: Using 340B Savings to Tackle Health Disparities

    This week, we are joined by Coletta Barrett, vice president of mission at Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center. Our Lady of the Lake (OLOL) is using its 340B savings to pursue health equity initiatives. Coletta shares best practices and provides inspiration for how 340B professionals can work toward eliminating health disparities in their hospitals and communities. Before the interview, we share updates on a new 340B Health survey report demonstrating the harm to hospitals and patients of drug company restrictions on discounts for drugs dispensed at community and specialty contract pharmacies. (Transcript)

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  • Episode 48: How You Can Advocate for 340B – and Why You Should

    This week, we are joined by Laurie Chiumento, director of federal relations and healthcare policy at UR Medicine, the health system for the University of Rochester in New York. Laurie is an expert on how health systems and hospitals can advocate and promote their legislative priorities to members of Congress. She shares advice to hospitals that are preparing to speak with their elected officials about 340B issues or are considering doing so. She also discusses advocacy days in D.C., opportunities to host elected officials for visits to your hospital, and the 2022 midterm elections. Before the interview, we provide an update on the 340B community pharmacy dispute court cases. (Transcript)

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  • Episode 47: Celebrating the 340B Ceiling Price Website’s Success

    This week, we are joined by Steven Miller, vice president of pharmacy services at 340B Health. April 1 was the third anniversary of the federal 340B ceiling price website’s launch. Steve discusses how this database has become an invaluable tool for 340B drug pricing transparency. Before the interview, our news update shares how HRSA escalated enforcement actions against one of the companies restricting 340B discounts. The update also notes the release of 340B Health’s 2021 annual survey report on how hospitals are using their savings. (Transcript)

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  • Episode 46: 340B Check-in with Maureen Testoni

    This week, we are joined for the latest in our regular check-ins with 340B Health President and CEO Maureen Testoni. Maureen analyzes the top issues in 340B that occurred in the early months of 2022. These include updates on the 340B community pharmacy dispute and a new law that protects 340B eligibility for hospitals serving on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. (Transcript)

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  • Episode 45: How to Build a Hospital’s 340B Team

    This week, we are joined by Paul Mollo, national director of medication outcomes disparity at Ascension. Paul discusses what skills and professional backgrounds hospitals consider when building a team to operate their 340B programs and ensure compliance. He also shares overall 340B staffing trends. Before the interview, our news update covers the appointment of a new HRSA Office of Pharmacy Affairs director. (Transcript)

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