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340B Insight is 340B Health’s podcast, providing our members and supporters with timely news updates and discussion around the 340B drug pricing program. The podcast enables listeners to stay current and expand their knowledge of 340B to help them serve their patients and communities and remain compliant with rules and requirements. New episodes are published twice per month and include news update segments and in-depth interviews with leading experts including health care practitioners, policy and legal experts, public policymakers, and our expert staff.

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  • Episode 29: Updates on the 340B Contract Pharmacy Dispute (with Maureen Testoni)

    This week, we are joined by 340B Health President and CEO Maureen Testoni. Maureen provides analysis of the most recent developments regarding the 340B contract pharmacy dispute and what’s next in the efforts to resolve the matter. Before our conversation, we share the findings of a recently released 340B Health report that demonstrates how 340B hospitals are treating large percentages of patients who often are underserved by the broader health care system. (Transcript)

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  • Episode 28: Addressing Payer-Mandated White Bagging of Drugs

    This week, we are joined by Kyle Robb, a state policy and advocacy associate for the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP). Kyle discusses the rise in payer-mandated white bagging, why hospital pharmacists are concerned about the trend, and how health providers and patients are affected by this model. Before the interview, our news update covers the critical step the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) recently took to enforce the law on drug companies that have refused discounts to 340B covered entities when drugs are dispensed at contract pharmacies. (Transcript)

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  • Episode 27: Drug Company 340B Discount Refusals Harm Patients

    It is the one-year anniversary of 340B Insight, and this week we are joined by Anne Webster, a nurse practitioner for UnityPoint Health Methodist in Peoria, Ill. Anne discusses how drug company restrictions on 340B pricing on drugs dispensed at community pharmacies have directly affected her patients living with diabetes and their ability to access the insulin and other medications they need to manage their conditions. Please note that the episode was recorded prior to the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) announcing on May 17, 2021, that drug companies refusing 340B discounts to safety-net hospitals and providers on drugs dispensed at community pharmacies are in violation of the law and that they must offer 340B pricing and pay refunds. We will discuss this news in future episodes. (Transcript)

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  • Episode 26: How 340B Fits Into the Drug Pricing World

    This week we are joined by Sean Dickson, director of health policy for West Health Policy Center. Sean is an expert on the U.S drug system and focuses on policies that reduce prescription drug costs. Sean discusses why drug prices are so high, his research on how 340B fits into the drug pricing policy conversation and affects overall drug pricing, and what approaches policymakers can take to curb high drug prices. Before the interview, our news update shares developments on drug pricing bills recently introduced in Congress and how a group of hospital and pharmacy organizations, including 340B Health, wrote to HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra about what the department can do to stop drug manufacturers from refusing 340B discounts on drugs dispensed at community pharmacies. (Transcript)

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  • Episode 25: Maureen Testoni on Top 340B Developments

    This week we are joined by Maureen Testoni, 340B Health’s president and CEO. Maureen provides her expert analysis on the top 340B developments from the first quarter of 2021. The conversation includes the latest on drug manufacturers denying 340B discounts on drugs dispensed at community pharmacies, attempts to turn 340B into a rebate program, and payers and pharmacy benefit managers making mandatory changes to their claims processes. Maureen also shares positive recent developments on advocating for 340B. (Transcript)

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  • Episode 24: 340B in the World of Cancer Treatment

    April is National Cancer Control Month, and this week we are joined by Dr. Gerold Bepler, president and CEO at the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit. Dr. Bepler discusses the unique role cancer centers play in preventing and treating cancer, the importance of 340B to Karmanos and its patients, how Karmanos is addressing racial and ethnic disparities in cancer treatment, and the partnership it has formed to expand access to cancer research and treatment in rural communities. Before the interview, we recap 340B Health’s recent virtual Hill Day. (Transcript)

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